Free Online Business Review

An honest analysis of your brand and current marketing position

Would you like to know how well your marketing stacks up against the competition?

One of our marketing experts will make a custom 10-15 minute video giving you an analysis of your current online marketing and how you compare with your online competitors.


Is your website attracting the wrong kind of visitors?

We will recommend the most profitable type of visitors and explain how your website can attract your ideal customer and get rid of the time wasters.


Are there any easy to fix reasons why your website is not making money?

There may some simple technical reason why you never get any new business from your website. If this is the case, we will tell you how you can fix the issue for free.

Felix is passionate about helping businesses grow their own business by using automated Sales & Marketing processes but without the overhead costs of using an Agency! If you are interested in this - just call him.
— John Fairbrother - Owner John Fairbrother Associates
Felix has a wealth of experience in both business and technical fields and is therefore able to suggest or implement solutions that make a real contribution
— Richard Veal Managing Director at Simpleview Europe

How does your website measure up against your local competition?

Where can you learn from your competitors marketing tactics and where are they most vulnerable .


A step by step guide to profitable online marketing

We’ll show you how to turn more website visitors into customers, Which advertising platform you should use and the essential numbers you need to know to improve the return on your marketing investment.


I know what you think…

We put a lot effort into preparing your marketing review and I know you will find at least one great insight that will positively impact your business.

Requesting your marketing review is completely risk free. There is no sales follow up and you are absolutely free to implement our recommendations yourself of use another agency.


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No sales follow up


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Felix Clarke  Founder - OnlineBusinessBuilder

Felix Clarke
Founder - OnlineBusinessBuilder


Frequently asked questions

How will you produce my marketing review?

One of our marketing team will check out your website and social media and then run a series of diagnostic tests to determine how you can out perform your top online competitors.

How quickly will I get your recommendations?

We aim to complete your marketing review within 3 working days. However, as you can imagine this free service is service is popular so please be patient, it will be worth the wait.

What can I expect to get for free?

Our reviews are comprehensive and forthright so there is every chance we will highlight one or two, easy to implement, improvements that can make a huge difference to your success.


Don’t you just want to sell to me?

We know that if we positively impact your business there is a good chance you will ask us to work with you. However, we absolutely guarantee not creepy sales follow up.

Can I implement your recommendations myself?

Absolutely. You are also more than welcome to call us if you get a bit stuck and our marketing team will chat you through the implementation process free of charge.

Can I use my own design agency?

If you have someone you already trust with your marketing then by all means ask them to implement our recommendations. If they have any issues ask them to give our team a call.