Five steps to a website that works


Amazingly 60 percent of small businesses still don’t have a website and most of those that do get less than 100 and visitors a month.

Why are the majority of small businesses missing out on the multibillion pound online market?

Because it is really hard developing a website that works.

It’s not the technology, that is relatively easy nowadays. It is content, design, images and above all strategy which is so difficult to get right whilst trying to run a small business.

So here are five steps getting a website that works.

1: Get the basics done first 

A business website should do three things:

  • Tell potential customers what you do – your value proposition

  • Provide proof to build trust – testimonials and reviews

  • Tell them how to contact you. – contact form and call now button

Don’t over complicate things. If you just do the basics you can get a site online in a day..

2: Concentrate on your value proposition

Put some real effort into describing what your business has to offer them why you are different. Discuss your value proposition with your customers and get their feedback. Your value proposition is the first vital step towards developing a strong brand. It needs to be front and centre on your website.

3: Provide proof

Ask your customers for testimonials or reviews on Facebook or Google. Honest reviews drive website conversions and are the bedrock of your online brand.  

4. Call to action

Tell prospective customers what to do next. Providing a clear call to action such as a contact form or “call us now” button will help drive new business leads from your website.

5. Write your first blog post

I know, nobody wants to do this. However, in really is easy and you will quickly see the benefits. Simply answer one of the questions your customers ask you regularly. The result would be to establish yourself as a real person and an expert in your field whether you are a florist or a dentist.  

When planning a website for your business is so easy to become ‘paralysed by perfection’. However, if you follow the five steps above you will be well on the way to building a website that works for your business and it can be amended and improved in the months to come.

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